The Body Bureau

A male and a female scientist work at the Body Bureau of Registration of Body Language and EmotionsKropskontoret

We meet the scientists in the middle of all their rules and routines where they slowly begin to interact through beautiful, absurd, clumsy, mating- and panic dances. They struggle against their feelings and their growing interest in each other. But with the demands on efficiency and presenting results from the authority a process begins… The scientists are being put thrugh the twisting machinery of emotions to begin to understand their body language, emotions and each other.

“The Body Bureau” is physical theatre, comedy, dance and only a few words. The Body Bureau is very suitable for educations in emotions, cooperating and communication through body language.

Performance/staging: Dorte Bjerre Jensen and Bjørn W. Olesen Dramaturgist: Eva Damholt Sound design: Papagallo

Age: 6-99 / family. Duration: 40 min.  Space Requirements: gymnasium or similar. Black out: no CO production: Kartellet Supported by: The Aarhus County, Aarhus municipality Cultural Development, Dansepuljen, Danseværket and Tuborg fondet.

The Body Bureau has performed at The Danish/German Childrens Theater Festival and several Danish Theatres and schools.

“The special thing about this performance of Danish theater group Beagle is that instead of many words they are using comedy, dance, slapstick and stage fight, thereby vividly illustrating the story. With very few words, but with unusual scenography, with tape, much wit and creativity, playfulness and pace – the performance ‘body office’ is narrated…”  Der Nordschleswiger

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