Hr. HabitA physical comedy about change and the power of habit

Mr. Habit is a creature of habit. He works at a laundry and is trying to navigate his childhood memories, habits, thought patterns and emotions. Mr. Habit sometimes dream about doing things differently. The trouble is that you need to dare to believe in your dreams for them to become real. In the tension field between the thinking and the feeling brain, we are invited inside Mr. Habits struggle for love and fight against the power of habit. In a rotating set design, in a physical, comic and dansant scene language, we meet Mr. Habit.

The delineation of the character is a hit from the moment Mr. Habit takes the stage. He is constantly active on stage and manages time and again to surprise with his body language and the way he uses the scenography and props …the set design …a very sophisticated and quirky construction


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Info about the show

Age: 8 years and up Duration: 45 minutes Touring: all year Price: 1320 Euro inc. VAT Technical requirements: Space required: Depth: 8 meters, width: 8 meters, height 5 meters Blackout: no Set-up: 1.5 hours Supported by Aarhus municipality Cultural Development and Kulturhus Aarhus

Performer: Bjørn W. Olesen
Music and Sound: Jens Balder Sorensen
Director: Stine Lundgaard Staging: Stine Lundgaard & Bjørn W. Olesen
Dramaturgist: Anne Hubertz
For information and sales contact: Kulturriget www.kulturriget.dk Mobile: +45 6066 0886

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