Teatret Beagle has been producing shows since 1999, for children and youth and
adults. It is based on physical theater, dance, comedy, mime, slapstick, contact-
improvisation and stage fight.

We create ‘cartoon theater’ which is simple, inquisitive, sharp and contains fun,
absurd and poetic stories.

We want to communicate through a surprising and strong physical expressions.

For the last 3 years we have been touring successfully with the street performance
“The EnCycloPaedists” and in 2014 we are  touring with our street performance “The Campers”
and also “The Body Bureau” in a streetversion.

Note: ‘The Campers’, “The EnCycloPaedists” & “The Body Bureau”  is physical and non-verbal street theatre suitable for an international audience of all ages.

Teatret Beagle collaborates with Duths  Actic / Jelle de Bruijn -by being a part  of “Urban Safari” which has performed in DK at Næstved Teaterfestival, at Spotlight festivalen in Vejle and on “Oerol” theaterfestival NL.  Also performing in “Stille Fanfare” and “Gorillaas” http://www.actic.nl/

We performed “The Campers” at April festival 2013 in DK and will participate again in 2014.

Here is a nice clip from the local news, during the festival, partly english speaking.

And we performed at Bornholms Gadeteaterfestival 26-28 july 2013.
Here is a clip from TV2, Time: 13:04



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