The BodyGuards (in english)


The BodyGuards (TBG)

Be ready for vip status when four bodyguards with choreographed moves make their way through high streets, shopping centres and other crowded spaces. With a high level of  authenticity TBG take care of everyone regardless of gender or status. They will perform absurd security checks and escorts. The mere presence of TBG will result in creative confusion, disbelief, elements of surprise and spontaneous laughter. TBG are here to celebrate community and the body in public spaces. Don’t be a no Body!

The performance is a conceptual and choreographic re-processing/work on the Dutch compagni `s performance. Added theater Beagle`s idiom, energy and processing. Teaser from NL version in “Aarhus Festuge”.

Co produktion with Bora Bora.


Liv Øster Müller Bendtsen, Folmer Gry Kristensen, Søren Møller Pedersen, Bjørn W. Olesen.

Consultant: Helga Rosenfeldt-olsen og Jelle de Bruijn.


Price ekskl. vat:
15.600 dk kr.
Fra 6 år (streettheater)
Length: 50 min. or 2 x 25 min.

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